Begin a journey to thriving.

Natural methods—ranging from counseling and meditation to hypnosis, biofeedback and neurofeedback—can help you develop the mindful self-compassion necessary to move through your current state of anxiety, stress and insomnia.

Jason Maxtin, LMSW

A Mindful Therapist

As a counselor and psychophysiologist in Fort Worth, Texas, I specialize in helping people untangle difficult problems using strategies both ancient and modern. I chose this path because I understand what it’s like to be overwhelmed by stress and physical pain.

All of the tools I use with clients—from the tech-ier stuff like neurofeedback and biofeedback to the older techniques like hypnosis and ancient mechanisms like meditation—are methods I use myself and deeply appreciate. I tend to dive deeply into the approaches that I find useful and have trained with luminaries in the fields of stress management, pain management and meditation as well.

As you carry on with the plan of action we’ll chart together, you’ll find that stress and anxiety have loosened their hold. In short, you’ll thrive.

A Compassionate

First Response

As a firefighter and paramedic, I have met and cared for many people experiencing anxiety, panic attacks, trauma, and distress. After years spent helping patients in short-term crises, I’ve devoted my life to empower clients with long-term solutions.

My approach to mental health is Solution-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I engage a variety of strategies like neurofeedback and therapeutic techniques like mindfulness practice. I’m equipped to help children, teens, and adults overcome anxiety, depression, migraines, ADHD, runaway thinking, and similar concerns. 

Jason Maxtin, LMSW

A path forward.

You, your experiences, and your goals are unique. We’ll work together to determine what therapeutic techniques will help you reach your desired destination. Depending on your obstacles, needs, and goals, your therapist may introduce you to various new techniques, tools, and terms.

See our blog to demystify these terms.

Our Techniques

Master new tools to experience life differently.

Whether through counseling,  biofeedback, neurofeedback, hypnosis or meditation, transition to a new chapter and move forward with newfound strength and freedom from anxiety, stress and insomnia.

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