Don’t you love the impact of tiny change? Make a slight change to your grip on a golf club, chef’s knife, or steering wheel, and the ability to use that tool increases exponentially. Tighten up your abs a little, and your posture and strength improve. Add a little cinnamon to your coffee, and change the flavor profile.

Would you like to know a nifty little change you can make to your language which opens up vast new possibilities? You’ll find this nifty change embodied in just three letters.

We often burden ourselves with negative statements as if they are Truth Etched In Stone.  But consider the three letter word “yet.”

  • I can’t meditate—yet.

  • I can’t get over that trauma—yet.

  • I can’t forgive her for doing that—yet.

Astonishing, isn’t it? One tiny word cracks the door open to a new and beautiful future. In fact, “yet” doesn’t just open the door. It magically draws you across the threshold into your new reality. Another feature of this powerful tiny word is that you can tack it onto a self-limiting statement even after it’s already been spoken (or thought). Now, we change it all by chiseling “yet” on the stone right next to the negative beliefs.

I haven’t mastered the use of the word yet—yet!