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New Client Inquiry

All of our sessions are now either on a secure, confidential telehealth platform, or in our office setup — where we each have a space so we can do our work together while maintaining proper distancing.

Keep reading to learn more about how we may help.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a new client. Here are some details about our practice that may help you make a choice about coming to work with us:


  • Availability: 

    Wayne Martin is usually available to clients from 8AM to 5PM, MondayThursday.

    Jason Maxtin is available Tuesday and Thursdays from 8AM to 6PM, and on Saturday mornings.

  • Responsiveness: We try to maximize the use of technology (like the form below) and minimize the time we spend returning phone calls so that we can focus on my current clients. In most cases we can return an email on the same day, while phone calls often take longer.

  • Financial: The fee is $200 per session with Wayne Martin, and $150 per session with Jason Maxtin. We are out of network providers. To find out what might be covered by your insurance, call your insurance company and ask them. Many clients get a significant portion of their fees reimbursed by their insurance companies. We’re happy to provide you with a monthly “superbill”. That’s a document most insurance companies will ask you for. Many of my clients use Health Savings Account debit cards to pay for our services.

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