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A MIndful Thera


Thanks to Hollywood, most people have inaccurate ideas about hypnosis. To be clear, hypnotherapy is not:

    • a sleep-like state where you don’t know what’s happening

    • giving up control to someone else

    • an ability you either have or don’t have

    • a magical cure for ________ (fill in the blank)

In Fort Worth, we like what’s practical and useful.

Hypnotherapy is:

    • a focused state of mind where you are in charge

    • increased control over your own mind or body

    • a skill you grow through practice

    • a natural way to treat problems like stress, insomnia, and pain

    • well researched and scientifically validated

We believe almost all hypnosis is self-hypnosis: We serve as guides through out our hypnotherapy session, leading you into a unique kind of mental focus. A hypnotic state can occur by using the power of just words – and your way into this state of mind is unique to you. It is very pleasant and relaxing. This tool has helped us to overcome severe pain, undergo surgical procedures without anesthetic, and we perform self-hypnosis almost every day to quickly relax.

When we use hypnosis together, we first talk through your goals and work through any questions or concerns you may have. (There’s a lot of misinformation in TV shows and on the web about hypnosis that can cause people to feel guarded about it.) Then when you’re ready, we begin to focus our mental powers on increasing your control and influence over what’s been concerning you. We start by leading you into a nice relaxed mental state. Then when you’re comfortable and focused, we offer hypnotic suggestions to unlock the change you want. (Of course, they’re only suggestions and not commands because you are free to do whatever you like!) When we’re finished, you feel relaxed, strong, and confident to enact the changes you seek!

This relaxed state has been known to help with problems such as pain management, stress management, phobias, substance abuse and can improve sleep, behavioral issues and much more. Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss how a state of hypnosis could help you achieve your goals.